Getting the best price at sale time.

How to get the best price in todays market

Use these 7 proven ways to improve the sale price for your property

Real estate can be an unpredictable, captivating marketplace; to maximize success in such an arena requires knowledge and strategy. Springtime brings fresh opportunities to market your property effectively; let’s discuss seven proven methods to secure the highest price for it in today’s market – *Your Results, Our Promise*.

Step 1. Increasing Property Value

To increase property values, first one must understand their worth – both emotionally and objectively. We offer free in-depth property valuation based on comparable properties in your area and an educated assessment of its value – this way you know where your real goals should lie! Once you know this number, try setting higher ones.

Step 2. Unearth Hidden Gems

Every property boasts unique features that can add significant market value. Perhaps its south-facing windows that let in natural light or its proximity to an acclaimed school are some examples; identify and promote these as selling points when selling your home – remember diamonds can become priceless with proper care!

Step 3. Stress-Free Property Purchase

Selling your home doesn’t need to be stressful! At our agency, our approach is one of guidance rather than pressure; our priority lies in building strong relationships based on trust and mutual objectives rather than high-pressure sales tactics that fail to achieve results. Remember we’re here to assist, not harass.

Step 4. Accurate Valuations

Today’s market is saturated with agents offering fast yet inaccurate valuations of property that often seems pulled out of thin air. At our valuation process, our professional appraisers ensure you receive an estimate that reflects its true worth – learning why obtaining accurate valuation is your first step toward making a profitable sale!

Step 5. Spruce Up to Increase It

Presentation is everything. Our guide offers actionable steps for improving the appearance of your property from painting and decluttering, through decluttering and landscaping – everything needed to help attract potential buyers at its highest price point. What works and doesn’t isn’t an open question: we have a scientific formula in place for that goal!

Step 6. Local Intelligence with Global Reach

At Mount Gravatt and Wishart Real Estate Agents, our specialists draw upon local knowledge to market properties efficiently while simultaneously appealing to potential buyers from far and wide.

Let’s break through the myths and demystify the process of selling real estate together. Our open and consistent communication ensures you become not just another transaction but an informed and empowered seller.

Step 7. Ready for Takeoff?

Now that you’ve read our guide and gained insights and strategies for entering the real estate market, the real journey begins. Take advantage of our FREE in-depth property valuation service to create the foundation of real estate success!